Your Marriage is Worth It


The strategic purpose of the Tulsa Marriage Initiative is to encourage, promote, and support community-wide implementation of Marriage Ministries as a way to strengthen marriages and reduce county-wide divorce rates.

Tulsa Marriage Initiative aspires to empower local churches to implement highly effective, self-sustaining marriage ministries – balanced across the three areas of Vision, Skills and Support – across all the ages and stages of the marital life cycle.

ALSO, On the same page, the picture of the city of Tulsa toward bottom of this first page, change the wording from “Don’t give up. Let’s do this together” to “Join Us in Taking a Stand for Marriage!”

Marriage Is Important — to You, Your Family, and Your Community.

Studies indicate that when marriages falter, so do families. By prioritizing our marital relationships, we set off a chain reaction of positive impacts.

Healthy Marriages Reduce:

  • Crime
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Drug / Alcohol Abuse
  • Poverty
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies

Healthy Marriages Increase:

  • Wealth & Earnings
  • Physical & Emotional Wellbeing
  • Life Expectancy
  • Happiness
  • Relationships with Children
  • Future Successes for Your Children

Connect Daily. Date Often. Invest Regularly.

We Are Here to Help

You’ve got enough to deal with without having to research and vet qualified help. We’ve curated a list of local and national experts who can help you get your marriage where it needs to be. Contact us for more information.

Don’t give up.
Let’s do this together.