Why Marriage Matters

Investing in marriage creates a ripple effect across generations. The way we discuss and approach marriage holds significant importance. Through workshops, gatherings, conferences, church initiatives, and our personal actions, we possess the power to reshape our society’s perspective on marriage. Check out the latest comprehensive national study on faith and relationships conducted by Communio. By accessing this study, you’ll unlock a wealth of insights to empower you in making a lasting impact on the couples you support. This study moves beyond theoretical discussions, equipping you with actionable solutions and strategies to enrich marriages, overcome common challenges, and cultivate stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

We can change the narrative on marriage.

“With Every 1% Drop In The National Divorce Rate, More Than 1 Million Kids Are Positively Impacted.”

—Les Parrott

“Outside Of Our Relationship With God, Marriage Is The Most Profound Relationship There Is.”

—Timothy Keller