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Marriage has always been at the center of God’s plan. Tulsa Marriage Initiative helps churches support God’s plan for marriage.

We Seek to Help Churches Succeed By:


 Partner with churches to increase the availability of relationship support in their community.



Provide training and leadership to host and launch marriage and relationship ministries and events.



Help churches find biblically based proven resources to support their marriage and relationship needs.


Marriage and relationship ministry looks different in every church. We provide personalized support to meet your church’s unique marriage and relationship needs. Our desire is for all churches help:

  • Couples prepare for marriage
  • Strengthen existing marriages
  • Support struggling marriages

Benefits of Marriage Ministry

Outside of our relationship with God, marriage is the most profound relationship. Strong marriages result in:

  • Increased church attendance
  • Increase giving
  • Increase ministry involvement and outreach
  • Healthier families
  • Strong community

Marriage Ministry

How Can We Help You?

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