For Married Couples

“Marital satisfaction is a choice. It’s not something you hope for. It’s not something you think you’ll stumble into, or discover at some point down the line. It’s something you choose, and then you go after it.”
-Ted Cunningham

Local Ministries


Marriage And Family Initiative

Marriage and Family Initiative (MFI) focuses on strengthening marriages and families through seminars, retreats, workshops and conferences, and also initiating marriage enrichment programs with local churches and communities. Our mission is to be a part of seeing families strengthened and future generations impacted – helping to change family legacies.
Birthright Living Legacy Inc

Birthright Living Legacy

Birthright Living Legacy was created to connect fathers through community events and workshops designed to improve parent-child relationships. In addition to these services, Birthright Living Legacy also provides support and counseling to fathers while we create a strong community of fathers dedicated to breaking negative parenting cycles.

Sites that provide fun ways to enrich your relationship.

XO Marriage

XO Marriage

XO Marriage supports healthy, strong relationships with digital content, resources, and events. Help your relationship thrive by following XO Marriage on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for ideas and advice on strengthening your marriage.

The Gottman Institute

Prologue - Start Marriage Here

The Gottman Institute provides research-based resources for couples. Sign up for Gottman Love Notes and Marriage Minute for free ideas to maximize your connection. Visit their site for affordable on-demand resources to support your relationship at any stage.

Marriage 365

Start Marriage Right

Marriage365 provides a constant stream of fun, practical and creative relationship advice on Instagram and Facebook. For an affordable annual subscription, you get access to an ever-growing library of valuable tools and proven resources to help your marriage rise above the average.

Weekend Retreats and Getaways

Set aside a weekend a year to invest in your relationships. The Tulsa Marriage Resource Network recommends the following retreats for couples to deepen and enrich their relationships.
Eagle Family Ministries

This fun marriage retreat, Making Room For Romance, is about more than just romance. It also covers many foundational principles needed to enjoy a happy marriage! Scroll down to book now.

Newlyweds, Oldyweds, and everyone in between…the “Making Room For Romance” weekend is designed for you!  If your marriage relationship is at a great place or if you are at a low spot, this couples retreat will help you move forward. You will be able to focus on the two of you….and best of all, in a non-threatening, fun, and relaxed environment.

Adventures in Marriage

Fun and interactive, Adventures in Marriage is appropriate for couples at ANY age or stage. The program is designed to reach married couples across the spectrum – from highly motivated to struggling and stressed. The program combines the latest research (with Christian principles in a faith-based setting) to provide specific, practical, attainable skills for a successful marriage.

Love Thinks

My Love Thinks offers evidence-based courses, books, and free resources to help couples worldwide find happiness and longevity in their relationships. Their Rock Solid Marriage Ready on-demand course equips couples with everything they need to know to have a happy and lasting marriage.

Weekend to Remember by Family Life

A getaway with a goal: oneness. No marriage is static. Each day, each choice — you’re either moving closer together, toward oneness … or coasting farther apart.  At the intersection of a faith-based marriage conference and romantic retreat from everyday life, Weekend to Remember helps couples do just that — choose oneness. Whether you’re sending up an SOS for marital rescue or looking to foster an already flourishing connection, Weekend to Remember is your best next step toward being, and staying, one.

The Art and Science of Love

The Art and Science of Love is a virtual retreat event designed to strengthen relationships through engaging presentations and experiential activities. This workshop will provide insights and tools to foster further closeness if you have a strong relationship. If your relationship is distressed, this workshop will give you a greater understanding and a roadmap for repair.

Keeping Marriage Healthy Tulsa

Keeping Marriages Healthy is a seven-session online workshop perfect for couples to grow in connection and intimacy. You will hear from several presenters as they tell their stories, experiences, and wisdom learned over the years.

How is your relationship?

Where can it grow?

Better Love

Better Love

Better Love is an affordable self-assessment for couples at any relationship stage. It utilizes a sophisticated algorithm and advanced web technologies to provide in-depth, personalized, actionable insights in a user-friendly, engaging design. Your results are instantly tabulated, and a report is sent directly to you. Your assessment includes a detailed Action Plan that leads you through four fun and practical dates.


Gottman Assessment

The Gottman Assessment is administered by a trained facilitator. It is a research-based assessment to help couples understand what’s going on in their relationship. It measures five key relationship areas: friendship and intimacy, sex and passion, conflict management, shared meaning, and trust and commitment. A 100+ research-based questions identify your relationship’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Couples work with a relationship coach to understand their results and develop a growth plan.

Gottman Assessment

On Demand Workshops To Fit Any Schedule

To put program learning into action, increase accountability, and maximize relational growth work with a relationship coach.
Rock Solid Marriage Tulsa

Rock Solid Marriage

Rock Solid Marriage is an on-demand course designed for married couples to deepen their love story. The course provides a practical plan for a happy, healthy, and lasting marriage. Comes with a FREE Couple Checkup.

Gottman Relationship Coach

Gottman Relationship Coach

On-demand courses include:
All About Conflict
Building a Life Together
Feeling Seen and Heard
Living Out Loud

Eprep Tulsa


ePREP is an online relationship training program, divided into 7 sections that you can get done at your own pace. The skills and strategies presented in ePREP have helped over a million couples around the world.

Marriage is hard.
We want to help.